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Sustainable Edit 2020 at Fashion Exposed Now

Dedicated womenswear buying event, Fashion Exposed Now, has announced a partnership with sustainability experts Fashion True Futures.

Elizabeth Park, founder of FTF is presenting the Sustainable Edit in this February’s edition of the Expo to support and showcase some of fashion’s fresh, dynamic and truly innovative labels who are all making a difference towards a more sustainable fashion future.

“True sustainability is the ability to cause little or no damage to the planet and therefore be able to continue for a long time.” Elizabeth Park says.

Fashion True Futures believes in the importance of humanity in harmony with nature. By changing the way we work, we can reduce the impacts of what we do and become leaders in creating positive change.

Our featured brands are visionaries in reducing their impacts on the planet and its people and are all on different journeys towards establishing a better future for fashion. Fashion True Future’s Sustainable Edit presents labels who are demonstrating true solutions in 2 or more of these 5 key areas of sustainability.

Sustainable Edit 2020 Presented by Fashion True Futures



Ahimsa Collective >> A luxury accessories label, intent on producing products with no harm. Made using Pinatex®, a natural and sustainable non-woven textile made from the fibres of pineapple leaves.

PENDULUM >> Creating new solutions to sustainability problems through innovation and creativity. Eliminating fabric wastage through zero waste patterns, circular supply chains and upcycling waste textiles and using biodegradable materials and garment components.

Justice Denim >> Responsible design is tri-fold. It must be ethically manufactured and accredited, hand-crafted for quality and sustainably made to reduce waste.

R E M U S E >> Melbourne based clothing label where futurism meets nature. Fusing artisan techniques, low-impact dye technology, and natural fibers, R E M U S E investigates the ways the future of a fashion is simply fashion that takes inspiration from the earth.

Tri Colour Federation >> Jeans that fit like no other! Made from sustainable denim, ethically sourced and designed and made right here in Melbourne. Your search for the perfect Jean just ended.

kin studio >> Whenever possible, kin sources with Fair Trade suppliers and manufacturers, using 100% certified organic cotton fabrics.

Farm To Hanger >> Wholly produced beautiful Australian made products with zero harms, zero waste and net-zero emissions, thereby lowering the global effect the fashion industry is having on the planet.

5th Cygnet >> Beautiful unique garments exquisitely made using only natural and sustainable silk fabric off cuts. Hand made locally in Melbourne.

Bamboo Body >> Stylish and sustainable bamboo clothing accessible to everybody, ethically made in Australia.

Quillan >> Fabrics are consciously chosen, focusing on sustainable natural and organic fibres – hemp, organic cotton and linen. So much healthier for us, for the environment and for the workers in the industry.

View the Sustainable Edit and experience Fashion Exposed Now this February in Melbourne.

Fashion Exposed Now

Australia’s only dedicated womenswear buying event. Registration is free and includes access local and international labels, seminars and round table sessions to help build your business. 

Sunday 2 – Monday 3 February 2020
Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

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