Sustainability And Slow Fashion With 2020 Label One P

One P managing director Karen Platt discusses the rise of sustainable fashion.

When Did the Brand First Launch And Who Is It Aimed At?

Launched in November 2018, One P is the sustainable fashion label delivering choice and confidence for the modern women. Designed and manufactured in Australia.

What Will The collection showcased At Fashion Exposed Now Include?

Our business basics collection including merino wool pants, skirts, dresses & jacket. As well as our lifestyle basics including shirts, dresses and tees.

What Are some Key Statement Pieces?

Our statement is in our choice of fabrics – we use natural fibres only – including merino wool, Tencel, linen, silk and organic cotton. All garments are machine washable.

Our collection is inspired by classic designs so neither seasonal or trend driven.

What Are some Key Fabrics, Colourways and Detailing? 

Our collection uses only the best natural fibres – wool, linen, Tencel, silk and cotton that are comfortable and luxurious to wear with the added benefit of being better for the environment. 

We focus on delivering quality garments that will last over time to achieve this we include detailing such as french seams, cotton linings and fashionable inner bindings. 

Our colour palette is based on what we know our customers feel comfortable wearing, black, blue, white, stripes and simple prints. 

What Will The Price Points Be At A Retail Level?

Business basics start at $189 for a merino wool skirt to $389 for a merino wool jacket.

Lifestyle basics start at $99 for tees to $289 for a wrap dress.

Where are You Currently Stocked?

Direct only at the moment, both online & pop ups. Fashion Exposed is our launch to the wholesale market.

What’s Your Prediction For The Season Ahead?

The rise of sustainability and SLOWER fashion is finally starting to resonate locally and hopefully we will only see this grow in popularity over the coming year. 

The consumer style is leaning towards being minimalistic but paired with a statement piece. That could be a stylish pair of heels or a designer handbag. Less is definitely more!

Also with the dollar being weak for the foreseeable future we may start to see labels increasing their manufacturing onshore. 

Fashion Exposed Now

Fashion Exposed Now is Australia’s only dedicated womenswear buying event. Registration is free and includes access local and international labels, seminars and round table to help build your business. 

Fashion Exposed Now
Free, trade-only event
Sunday 2 – Monday 3 February 2020
Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne


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