Head-turning accessories by Hong Kong designer Gigi Cheng

Trezoro Jewellery, an Australian importer and online retailer of unconventional and bold designer sterling silver jewellery, presents the new Kaleidoscope collection by Hong Kong designer Gigi Cheng.

“I fell in love with this extraordinary Gigi’s collection at first sight, and immediately placed an order for sterling silver and enamel sets that consist of a necklace, earrings, and a ring each,” said Victoria Tairli, Trezoro’s owner. “Although I don’t like and don’t normally recommend wearing jewellery in sets, this collection will probably be an exception, as pieces in sets don’t copy each other, are different, but match each other. This jewellery is not for everyday wearing, it is definitely for special events”.

Gigi Cheng, G-Link founder and chief designer, was born in Hong Kong and her entire work is inspired by its energy and beauty. Her filigree enamel jewellery pieces, which captured the beauty of nature in the art of jewellery, are admired by beautiful women around the world.  Her works have received many design awards; she created the crowns worn by the winners of the national beauty pageant Miss Czech Republic.

The finest hand work, attention to the smallest of details, and high-quality materials made each item in the Kaleidoscope collection a masterpiece. Large but elegant statement rings will attract a lot of attention, colourful earrings emphasize the eyes and hair colour of their wearer, necklaces are perfect for low-cut tops and some of them can be transformed into trendy brooches.

This chic and glamorous sterling silver jewellery collection is a perfect complement to a formal, party, cocktail, or even bridal attire. View the full collection.

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