WGSN S/S 2018 Vision

For the first time ever, global trend forecasters WGSN have shared a sneak peek of The Vision: S/S18 report containing the anticipated influential trends for the future and we couldn’t be more excited.

Collected by WGSN’s 100 top analysts worldwide trend experts bi-annually, ‘The Vision’ forecasts the product demands for the upcoming season by analysing consumer behaviour and the political, artistic and socio-cultural movements and influences  that could affect the future of style and design over the upcoming two year period.

This trend intelligence is highly valuable and can assist those within the fashion, style, retail, and design industries to stay ahead of the competition.

So what are the influential trends for S/S18?

“This trend is an evolution of the experience economy, focused on how nature will branch out to include virtual reality wonderlands. Expect to see a significant increase in brand activations and collaborations around this idea. Also, as digital increasingly incorporates the physical, expect ‘phygital’ design: making design more lifelike and emotionally compelling.”



“Defined by a strong sense of individuality and creativity, youth culture is influencing every area of the market. Youth itself will become a state of mind; while the growth of virtual reality and data will allow for new means of creative expression and self-identity.”





“The evolution of connectivity, both real and virtual, are driving the Kinship trend – which focuses on a growing sense of community, cultural sharing and breaking boundaries.”





“This is about the stripping away of excess, where new is not necessarily better. Design and technology will merge more seamlessly together, creating a rustic minimalism that will combat over consumption.”



Over the next six months, The Vision for S/S 18 will be developed into global and regional colour, material, and product directions, as well as specific forecasts.

To see these key trends in detail, develop your business strategy around them and stay ahead of the competition, visit WGSN.

Original Source: WGSN Presents “THE VISION: S/S 18

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