Celebrity fashion labels that don’t suck

One of the secret adages in tinsel town has to be something along the lines of “when in doubt, release a line of something”. Lipsticks, handbags, eye lash extensions, literally anything can be and probably has been endorsed by some celebrity or another in an attempt to say “relevant”.

This is not about those people. Here we look a few celebrities that stuck with what they knew and haven’t looked back.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham

I don’t think anyone was surprised when Posh Spice started releasing fashion – but I’d say more than a few were surprised by how good it was, and how long lasting. After almost a decade of production, Beckham has released dresses, suits, key rings and accessories, and dabbled with just about everything in between.


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THE ROW by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Does anyone else remember the absolute scandal when the Olsen twins released their frilly line of tweenager underwear? Well get that out of your head because THE ROW is nothing but sophistication and is much more in-line with what we are used to seeing the Olsens wearing on their few public appearances. Did we mention that they won the title of Womenswear Designers of The Year in 2012? #slay


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House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie

We’re really proud of Nicole Richie in the Fashion Exposed offices – the girl has gone from a troubled teen to a successful mother and wife, and that is nothing to be looked down on! Having spent most of the last decade behind the scenes raising her family and supporting her husband’s career, it is no surprise that HOH fashion and jewelry lines have taken off and continues to attract the hottest celebrity talent as fans.


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One thought on “Celebrity fashion labels that don’t suck

  1. I love all the fashion brands from this article. My current favourite online fashion brand is CraftsVilla. They have awesome collection of anarkalis, sarees, jewellery. Its one fashion stop for all stylish Indian wear.

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