Trend:  Repair & Wear

We are all familiar with that heartbreaking moment when you have to bid farewell to your favourite pair of jeans because they are simply too faded and far beyond repair by amateur hands. So what if the retailer of said favourite jeans offered a repair service, would this be a valuable offering you would use?

For the average fashionista, repairing denim isn’t an easy task; however for a retailer this feat isn’t so impossible.

According to WGSN’s report ‘Brand Immortality,’ by Andrea Bell there has been a recent boom in retailers, namely footwear and denim, offering repair services. And with wardrobe staples like your trusted leather boots or your favourite skinny jeans which alike to a fine wine, often improving with age, this increase isn’t surprising. Bell notes that the desire to repair and wear reflects today’s sustainably-conscious consumer who has higher emotional connection to products.

For many big industry players including Barbour and Brooks Brothers, this restoration service isn’t a new concept and instead it has simply been a value add-on and a point of difference their brand offers. However it is important to note their success and place in the market is notably strong, allowing them the luxury to offer such a service.

So should all retailers offer a lifetime warranty? Well it depends on your brand story and the service you can afford to offer. For some, this service may not be financially viable or may simply not work due to the durability of the materials, or may be detrimental to repeat business as customers repair their original purchases, rather than buying replacements. For others, this might be that one point of difference their brand needs to evolve and grow. Additionally, such service doesn’t always need to be at the expense of the retailer. This service could be provided at a cost to consumers, or free to your top 10% of customer based, so the purpose alone is to provide a valuable service and grow brand loyalty. Others may choose to offer a tailoring service, which whilst different to a repair service, it offers a similar value add-on and point of difference which could make one retailer more preferable than another.

Like all value add-ons, it is important to decipher what works for you, your budget and your brand as ultimately, each story is different.

Original Source: WGSN: Brand Immortality, Andrea Bell


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