Creating a multi-channel retail experience

solutionistsCreating a multichannel retail experience is more than having a website and physical store, it’s about how these work together and complement each other to provide your customer a superior brand experience.

But with so many options available, and a full-time business to run, how do you know where to start?

Tony Schollum and James Gilbert have created over 200 websites since they launched  Solutionists Ltd, an ecommerce development company specialising in online solutions for fashion retailers.

They will share their experience and showcase how a website can truly support the customer and your business when they present `Creating a multi-channel retail experience’ at Fashion Exposed from 16-18 August at the Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.

We quizzed their knowledge on the topic recently and discovered how retailers can improve the online experience; what it means to be a multi-channel retailer; and the key areas websites go wrong.


Creating a multichannel experience is more than just having a website and running a physical store – can you explain what it means to be a multichannel retailer?

Multichannel retailers are aware of all the different channels that their customers engage with in order to experience their brand. A true multichannel retailer will ensure that the customer experience is consistent across all touch points.

Most retailers will be online now, but how can they improve this part of their business to enhance consumer experience? How can their website support the customer and the business?

In order to remain consistent across all the channels and provide an exceptional customer experience, retailers need to integrate their website with stock and customer management systems.

Where do retailer websites go wrong? What are the key areas where websites go wrong?

A website is a store and should be operated as such; because of this, retailers often go wrong by not allocating the necessary resource and attention required to make it a successful channel.

ecommerceWhile the website itself looks lovely to the consumer and their shopping experience is seamless enough, it’s often the backend where it can all go horribly wrong if not set up correctly – what are some of the common mistakes when integrating a website with stock levels?

Inconsistent data is the number one issue with stock level integration and when this is wrong, you will not achieve a true multichannel experience.

Is there a system that enables seamless integration of these two areas?

Every retailer applies different structure and business rules to their data so integration can never be a one-size-fits-all solution

How can loyalty systems allow customers to shop across the online and offline channels while having transparency throughout the process?

An integrated loyalty system allows the user to shop in a physical store and online and accrue loyalty points on each, once earned, they can also redeem rewards (if relevant) both in store and only. Viewing your loyalty status and tracking your progress can also be done online and in store allowing for a transparent experience throughout.

You will present `Creating a multichannel retail experience’ at Fashion Exposed Sydney – what can visitors expect?

They will hear about about the crucial elements of multichannel retailing, what the key channels are and, how you can get the best experience for your customer.


For more information on this session or to register for free, visit fashionexposed.com

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