Bring back life

There’s a definite art to designing for the Australian climate. Clothing needs to cater to our typically tropical weather and sunburnt summers.

Emma Puttick catered to this gap with her own brand Naudic, a line for women who like to wear comfortable clothes with a sense of fun and comfort, and a little bit of an edge.

The brand has evolved from a few cotton embroidered tunics to a full range of unique designed collections and lifestyle products.

We took five with Emma to discuss the unique brand philosophy and why she chose Fashion Exposed to exhibit her new collection next year.

What is the Naudic brand philosophy?

The brand philosophy is centred around the theme of `Bring Back Life’ into all that you do, from the beginning of the day, being able to express yourself in something fun, to throwing on some accessories and shoes.

From re-invigorating a table setting or lounge room with some bright homewares or giving someone a candle, we try to inject a sense of fun into all the products we make. The prints in the collection, homewares and jewellery are feminine with a little bit of edge, we don’t all want to look the same.

Can you tell us about the product/range you will showcase at Fashion Exposed?

The main product range is the Fashion and Accessories collection for Spring 2014, followed by new homewares, bags and shoes. Plus a new line of Naudic will be introduced.

Why did you choose to exhibit at Fashion Exposed?

Fashion Exposed is always a great  platform to showcase the complete brand as more and more fashion retailers also like to see other new product’s to accentuate the clothing.

Have you exhibited in the past? How did you find it useful and why are trade shows successful for the Naudic brand?

Naudic has exhibited at Fashion Exposed for the past 5 years with a great response, the retailers are now excited to see what we have each season and the international visitors expect to see us there.

What do you hope to achieve through exhibiting at Fashion Exposed? Where do you see the Naudic brand in the future?

Naudic enjoys meeting with our retail clients and hearing their feedback at the trade shows, this is a good opportunity for us to meet everyone face-to-face, hear the feedback and improve our business, product offerings and customer service each season.

The future for Naudic is unlimited, as the retailers grow and succeed, we grow and succeed.

To view the Naudic range, visit Fashion Exposed from 22-24 February at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information or to register, visit

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