FOAH – Flower of an Hour

FOAH Flower of an Hour, is the fruit of the friendship between two flowers who met on a bench of the Parisian Sorbonne university, one from the Indian Ocean, the other from the Balkans.

One is Myriam Cazal, a fashion designer from Reunion Island, trained at the ESMOD International School of Paris. The other is Simona Stoeva, a young French-speaking and French-loving Bulgarian girl seeking to create bridges between dancing and architecture, and developing commercial skills working as part of the DIM company.

With a degree in Art History and a solid professional experience, the two friends come together with a common will to stand on their own feet. The love of style and their complicity add up, to give birth to an ambitious, joyful project.

The French designer and the eastern-European ambassador weave their web with determination and decide to create their brand, with their diverse cultures and inspirations, to bring every woman of this world with a glamorous, elegant and sexy product, at a reasonable cost.

FOAH Flower of an Hour debuted their range at the recent Fashion Exposed Sydney.

For more information and stockist inquiries, email Simona Stoeva; sstoeva@yahoo.fr

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