TRENDS EXPOSED: Global Retail Trends with Westfield’s Jack Hanrahan

Westfield Retailer Relations Manager, Jack Hanrahan uncovered the latest trends in retail from enticing shop windows, unique installations and inspiring visual merchandising techniques from an international perspective at Fashion Exposed, Sydney.

In this chat, we discuss why customer service is crucial to the new retail experience, training your staff to become part of the retail `family’, and the power of visual merchandising.

Here are his top tips.

Implications for retailers

1. Have a reason for Being – why buy from me
2. What is your Sustainable Competitive Advantage
culture; experience; curating; value; people; product
3. What are the consumer trends
first; newness; customisation; authenticity; value
4. Experiential retail – total immersion
5. Congruence with the virtual/physical
6. Retail technology – critical success factor
7. Service as a product – great opportunitites for differentiation too

“EST Retailers – all retailers should be at least 2 of the following;

Lowest prices
Highest quality
Best value
Easiest to get to
Hottest fashions
Broadest assortment
Fastest service
Friendliest Associates
Nicest layout and design

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